South Turflow presidential election, +855
+85025 May to 29 June +855 +860

11 Seats

First party Second party
Leader Jay Railstone Quentin Lover
Party Independent Union
Age at time of election 35 51
Seats won 2 2

Seats lost

Seats retained





Total seats 6 5

President before election

Marley Railstone

Subsequent President

Jay Railstone

The +855 presidential election of South Turflow was the general election that took place in +855 for the role of President of South Turflow. Marley Railstone (with the Independent Party) had been the President since +830 (for 25 years, the maximum five terms). Railstone's son Jacob (or Jay for short) had been the Vice President for the past term. For the past four terms, Quentin Lover had been the head of the Union Party.

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