South Turflow
South Turflow Flag

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Samuel Wakeling (I)


Martin Duck (I)

Deputy Vice-President

Gareth Russelltey (U)


Southern Turflowan dollar

Main political parties


South Turflow is a country regarded as the most powerful nation in the world. In this year (+1856), the President is Samuel Wakeling of the Independent Party. His Vice-President is Martin Duck and his Deputy Vice-President is Gareth Russelltey of the Union Party. The country itself is located south of North and Central Turflow.


Pre-colonial Times (-206 to +616)Edit

In -206, soldiers of the Zian Empire became lost at sea on their way to Horsagretzia (now Daydrer's Jungle) on a mission from Emperor Ting to invade. They settle there and meet the locals. They build mud hut villages around the whole of what is now South Turflow. In the next two centuries, the people of this new land move upwards through various woods and build more villages in the north.

Colonial Era (+616 to +649)Edit

In +616, Henry M. Daydrer and his explorers from Bailand "discovered" the continent from the north and build modern cities around the coast. By +630, few of the old villages still exist, after Daydrer's genocide against various tribes operating on the continent. In +653, news reached Daydrer that his wife Turflow died whilst giving birth to triplet sons (Henry B. Daydrer, Turflane Daydrer and Marcus Daydrer). Henry M. Daydrer returns to Bailand for the funeral of his wife, before returning to his colony and naming it Turflow. Daydrer also declares himself as King of Turflow and his other colonies (Daydrer's Hollow, Daydrer's Jungle, Daydrer's Desert and Daydrer's Farm).

The Early Years of the Nation (+649 to +808)Edit

In +649, Daydrer officially severed his ties with Bailand and brung his children to the colonies (or countries, as he declared them). Daydrer, at this point, had twenty-nine children including Henry B., Turflane and Marcus. In +688, Daydrer died of old age and his children argued about who would take over. Henry M.'s triplets from his wife Turflow exile their other siblings from the continent of Turflow and split the land in three: Henry B. Daydrer would be crowned King of North Turflow, Turflane Central Turflow and Marcus South Turflow. However, the majority of arable land was in the south, so North and Central Turflow's biggest businesses campaigned for trade in the south, as South Turflow's economy grew. Several generations passed and North Turflow hit recession. Central Turflow baled them out, but was then hit by the Central Turflowan Civil War. Henry B. Daydrer's great-granddaughter Queen Arabella was ruling North Turflow at that point and ordered over twenty thousand soldiers to be sent from the north down into Central Turflow, where the revolution was pushed back for another two hundred years. South Turflow was booming under the rule of King Gatwick Daydrer, Jr, until his death in +808 sparked riots all over South Turflow, as he left no heir to the throne.

The Great War of Turflow (+808 to +830)Edit

Six months after King Gatwick's death, Queen Arabella of North Turflow and the newly-crowned King Princeton of Central Turflow ordered their troops to enter South Turflow and restore order. They did just that and in +809, Princeton's eldest son Prince Polong and Arabella's youngest daughter Suze got married and were announced as the new joint rulers of a new unified Turflow after the deaths of their parents. In +816, Arabella fell off her horse and broke her neck. She died the next day. Three years later, Princeton was assassinated on orders by Polong and Suze. Shortly after they became the King and Queen of Turflow. The new couple used the south of their country to gro crops and raised taxes around the area. King Gatwick's former advisor Marley Railstone raised an army and went through Zanyarka to what used to be Central Turflow and set several fires as well as murdering various supporters of Polong and Suze. Railstone and his allies formed the South Turflow Will Never Die Organization (STWNDO, written in code as "Stone Doe") and voted Railstone as their President. After years of fighting, South Turflow was given it's independence in +829. Railstone was voted as the first President of South Turflow the next year, shortly fter the country became universally recognized. As Polong and Suze's nation went into a deep recession, they killed themselves. Polong's younger brother William was crowned King of Central Turflow and Suze's older brother Martgon was named King of North Turflow.

The Railstone Dynasty (+830 to +900)Edit

President Marley Railstone publicly believed that South Turflow could survive and thrive as a nation without any help by other countries with trade. His original supporters who agreed with this joined his new "Independent" political party and those who disagreed created the Union Party. The latter was led by Railstone's cousin Bradley Radd. An election was held every five years and Marley Railstone and the Independent Party stayed in power for twenty-five years (or five terms), the maximum amount of time one could spend as President. In +855, Railstone's son and Vice President Jacob (also known as Jay) stood for the Independent Party, rivalled by Quentin Lover of the Union. The majority vote in five states went for Jay Railstone and the other five voted for Lover. A small island off the coast of the very south of South Turflow, Fruitasia, was owned by wealthy businessman and non-voter Bobby Fruit and the South Turflow government purchased the island. Fifty people, mostly cousins and extended family members of Fruit, lived there. They voted and so Jay Railstone won and the Independent Party stayed in power.

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