Eric Jett
Jett, sixteen weeks before his death.


Hessleford, Fruitasia
South Turflow


+1834 (age 49)
Gassy Ridge, North Jakstone
Daydrer's Hollow

Political Party



Kathryn Hinch (+1808 to +1813)
Hikloz Sattenreit (+1813 to +1820)
Daphne Herrez-Jackson (+1823 to +1831)
Klar Fertam (+1834)


Ricky Jett (b. +1810; with Hinch)
Len Jett (b. +1811; with Hinch)
Colin Jett (b. +1814; with Sattenreit)
Shavia Jett (b. +1818; with Sattenreit)
Herrez J. Jett (b. +1826; with Herrez-Jackson)
Hark'm Jett (b. +1827; with Herrez-Jackson)
Polong Jett (b. +1832; with Fertam)


Daydrer's Hollish (granted in +1815)
South Turflowan (denounced in +1812)


Erik Von Jet, Sr. (father)
Charlotte Beggs (mother)


Colin Von Jet (brother)
Viess Von Jet (half-sister)
Stephen Tomlinson-Beggs (half-brother)

Eric Beggs Jett (+1784 to +1834; formerly Erik Viktor Von Jet, Jr.) was a South Turflowan-born politician who later granted Daydrer's Hollish citizenship after gaining a seat at the Parliament as MP for South Jakstone with the Union Party. He had previously gained recognition as the youngest ever governor for a state back in South Turflow, as Governor of Fruitasia during the first term of Zed Lexington's presidency for South Turflow.

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