Daydrer's Hollow presidential election, +1831
+1822 25 May to 29 June +1831 +1835

5 Seats

First party Second party
Sean Lennon
Leader Jim Redcoat Colin Jett
Party Independent Peace
Age at time of election 38 24
Seats won 3 2

Seats lost

Seats retained





Total seats 3 2

President before election

Gustav C. Stripes

Subsequent President

Jim Redcoat

The +1831 general election of Daydrer's Hollow was the presidential election that took place in +1831 for the role of President of Daydrer's Hollow. Gustav C. Stripes (with the Power Party) had been the President since +1824 (ever since the assassination of Eric Jett). The previous election of +1822 had been for the role of Prime Minister, as President was originally passed down to a decided successor by the previous President. E. Jett had named Stripes as his successor, despite the fact that when Jett was President, he was with the Union Party and not the Power. Stripes' hold over Daydrer's Hollow had caused concern from many countries, especially after the murder of Zed Lexington, President of South Turflow by Aaron McLee, as Lexington forged various alliances with other nations. Eric Jett's son Colin begged various world leaders at the Globe United's meeting to strip Stripes of his presidential role. Some agreed, others disagreed. These disagreements were large factors in the outbreak of the First Grand War.

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